Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Orthodontic treatment is available to you. Orthodontic treatment is not limited to kids anymore and in fact, one of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21. Some of our adult patients have had braces before as kids and for others it is the first time. Tooth position can be modified at any age as long as the supporting gum and bone structures are healthy.

As an Adult, orthodontic treatment can provide you with a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. There are several esthetically superior options available for adults seeking orthodontic treatment, including clear braces and Invisalign. Some of Dr. Sherman's adult patients even get the traditional metal braces; these are much smaller and more comfortable than they were before. Modern techniques also enable us to keep treatment time to a minimum.

Adults with more complicated problems involving poor bites and jaw size discrepancy may require jaw surgery along with braces to achieve the best result. Temporary implants, which are new devices that are removed after orthodontic treatment, are being used to move teeth more predictably and may reduce the need for jaw surgery in some cases. Only a small percentage of adults require jaw surgery but they enjoy the dramatic and very rewarding results.

Adult orthodontic treatment may also be needed for adults who are in the need of bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth. Adjacent teeth can be moved into more favorable positions and spaces between teeth can be made an ideal size to assist the placement of these replacement teeth. Dr. Sherman works closely with your dentist to align the teeth in the most advantageous position to make this process possible.

Adult treatment may take slightly longer since adults have no jaw growth left to aid in bite correction. However, most adults are very cooperative in not breaking their appliances, maintaining good oral hygiene, and wearing auxiliaries (e.g. rubber bands) as prescribed. This compliance can negate most of the increased treatment time.

It is important to remember that each patient's orthodontic diagnosis is different, and at your consultation visit Dr. Sherman will go over the options available. , Together, you will decide which method of Adult orthodontic treatment is best suited to your particular case.