Patient Responsibilities

Treatment success depends on Teamwork. The team is comprised of YOU (the patient), Dr. Sherman and his staff. We all have specific responsibilities in the creation of your beautiful smile and your healthy bite. Patients are responsible for wearing of devices (appliances), elastics and etc. according to instruction plus the proper cleaning of teeth and devices. Patients who embrace their responsibilities often experience pleasant and relatively quick orthodontic treatment.

It is your responsibility to clean your teeth, braces and devices immediately after each meal and before going to bed. No bits of food or plaque can be left between the teeth or around the bands and wires. Your braces should always be shining.

Brushing and Flossing While Wearing Braces from AAO on Vimeo.

After you receive your braces or devices it is your responsibility to avoid gum, candy, sticky or hard foods. Care must be taken not to eat chunks of hard foods that can break the bands, brackets and wires. Playing with the wires with fingers, pencils and etc. cannot be allowed because it results in breakages.

It is your responsibility to wear your lip bumper, elastics, removable devices (including functional appliances) and headgear exactly as instructed for the required number of hours. Also, it is your responsibility to bring these devices to each visit.