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Where can orthodontist work?

They sit on chairs or stools when. A dentist is a doctor who works with various parts of the body.

Which dentist makes the most money?

This dental specialty earns the most out of the 12.This is the highest-paid dental specialty. It involves surgery and...

What is higher than a dentist?

Many people assume that the only difference between a dentist and an orthodontist is that the latter manages and works...

Where do they work dentists?

Dentists diagnose, treat, prevent, and control disorders of the teeth and mouth. They work in private offices or may be...

What is the work done by a dentist?

Dentists diagnose and treat dental problems and help patients develop better oral hygiene regimens. They clean teeth,...

How do dentists help us?

A dentist takes care of the patient's teeth, gums, and oral health. They offer a number of services.

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Is an orthodontist higher than a dentist?

Is an orthodontist higher than a dentist?

Both strive for beautiful, healthy smiles. Dentists cover a wide range of oral health issues, such as tooth decay, gum...