Do Orthodontists Clean Teeth? An Expert's Guide

Do orthodontists clean teeth? What about dentists? The answer is none of the above. At The Super Dentists, we have highly trained dental hygienists to perform all dental cleaning with braces. Dentists and dental hygienists are very comfortable and experienced in cleaning teeth with braces. It's important to schedule regular dental visits and follow the advice of your dentist and orthodontist to ensure your oral hygiene is never compromised.

After having your teeth cleaned at a dental office in Toronto, you may experience some gum pain due to the measures taken to remove plaque and tartar. Additionally, the orthodontist will want to know if there are any cavities in the teeth before placing the orthodontic appliances. Let's review some important points about cleaning your teeth with braces, including how you clean your teeth with the braces on and some quick tips for your home routine. If you need any of them, it's essential that your local orthodontist and dentist work together closely to monitor any potential dental problems. If you haven't had a dental cleaning in the past few weeks, go back to your dentist for a checkup, a scale, and to have your teeth cleaned.

People with braces may be concerned about how they can get their dentist to clean their teeth regularly due to the metal braces in the way. Like any other dental cleaning appointment, a dental cleaning appointment with braces follows the same structure. In general, it is recommended that patients with braces visit their dentist every 3 months for routine dental cleaning. If you're about to have your teeth cleaned in Toronto and have braces, rest assured that even though it may seem intimidating, your dentist is qualified to perform it. The cost of cleaning teeth before braces is the same as the cost of cleaning teeth at any time.

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